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Chapter 2: Using Atom

Chapter 3: Hacking Atom

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Appendix A: Resources

Appendix B: Shadow DOM

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Now that we are feeling comfortable with just about everything built into Atom, let's look at how to tweak it. Perhaps there is a keybinding that you use a lot but feels wrong or a color that isn't quite right for you. Atom is amazingly flexible, so let's go over some of the simpler flexes it can do.

All of Atom's config files (with the exception of your style sheet and your Init Script ) are written in CSON, short for CoffeeScript Object Notation . Just like its namesake JSON, JavaScript Object Notation , CSON is a text format for storing structured data in the form of simple objects made up of key-value pairs.

Objects are the backbone of any CSON file, and are delineated by indentation (as in the above example). A key's value can either be a String, a Number, an Object, a Boolean, null , or an Array of any of these data types.

Just like the more common JSON, CSON's keys can only be repeated once per object. If there are duplicate keys, then the last usage of that key overwrites all others, as if they weren't there. The same holds true for Atom's config files.

Don't do this:

Use this instead:

If you want to apply quick-and-dirty personal styling changes without creating an entire theme that you intend to publish, you can add styles to the styles.less file in your ~/.atom %USERPROFILE%\.atom directory. You can open this file in an editor from the Atom > Stylesheet File > Stylesheet Edit > Stylesheet menu.

For example, to change the colors of the Status Bar, you could add the following rule to your styles.less file:

The easiest way to see what classes are available to style is to inspect the DOM manually via the Developer Tools. We'll go over the Developer Tools in great detail in the next chapter, but for now let's take a simple look. You can open the Developer Tools by pressing Alt+Cmd+I Ctrl+Shift+I , which will bring up the Chromium Developer Tools panel.

With the Developer Tools, you can inspect all the elements in Atom. If you want to update the style of something, you can figure out what classes it has and add a Less rule to your stylesheet to modify it.

There are other ways to specify named exports (which are explained later), but I find this one quite convenient: simply write your code as if there were no outside world, then label everything that you want to export with a keyword.

If you want to, you can also import the whole module and refer to its named exports via property notation:

The same code in CommonJS syntax: For a while, I tried several clever strategies to be less redundant with my module exports in Node.js. Now I prefer the following simple but slightly verbose style that is reminiscent of the revealing module pattern :

The same code in CommonJS syntax:

Modules that only export single values are very popular in the Node.js community. But they are also common in frontend development where you often have classes for models and components, with one class per module. An ES6 module can pick a default export , the main exported value. Default exports are especially easy to import.

The following ECMAScript 6 module “is” a single function:

An ECMAScript 6 module whose default export is a class looks as follows:

There are two styles of default exports:

You can prefix any function declaration (or generator function declaration) or class declaration with the keywords export default to make it the default export:

You can also omit the name in this case. That makes default exports the only place where JavaScript has anonymous function declarations and anonymous class declarations:

When you look at the previous two lines of code, you’d expect the operands of export default to be expressions. They are only declarations for reasons of consistency: operands can be named declarations, interpreting their anonymous versions as expressions would be confusing (even more so than introducing new kinds of declarations).

If you want the operands to be interpreted as expressions, you need to use parentheses:

The values are produced via expressions:

Each of these default exports has the following structure.

That is equivalent to:

The statement in line A is an export clause (which is explained in a later section ).

The second default export style was introduced because variable declarations can’t be meaningfully turned into default exports if they declare multiple variables:

Which one of the three variables foo , bar and baz would be the default export?

As explained in more detail later, the structure of ES6 modules is static , you can’t conditionally import or export things. That brings a variety of benefits.

This restriction is enforced syntactically by only allowing imports and exports at the top level of a module:

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There are many ways to customize a theme, and Grav really doesn't limit your creativity regarding this. However, there are several features and some functionality that Grav provides to make this process easier.

Custom CSS

The simplest way to customize a theme is to provide your own custom.css file. The Antimatter default theme provides a reference to a css/custom.css file via the Asset Manager . Luckily, the Asset Manager handles this for us, and if the file is not found, the reference is not added to the HTML.

Antimatter Asset Manager

However, if you do provide a file called custom.css in Antimatter's css/ folder, this will get picked up and referenced. You just need to ensure that you provide CSS elements with enough specificity to override the default CSS. For example:


This will override the default link color and use a red color instead.

The next step up from providing a custom CSS file is to use the custom.scss file (as provided in Antimatter). Antimatter is written using , which is a CSS compatible preprocessor that enables you to write CSS more efficiently via the use of DESIGN Colour Block Shell Jogger Trousers Multi Asos 3Jgp59

This may sound a little daunting at first, but you can use as much or as little SCSS as you like, and once you start, you will have trouble going back to traditional CSS. Promise!

To make use of SCSS you need to use a SCSS compiler. Lucky these are easily installed on any platform and come in a variety of forms including a command-line tool, and many GUI applications. Frankly, the command line is all you need.

The Antimatter theme has an scss/ folder that contains a variety of .scss files. These should be compiled into the css-compiled/ folder. Once installed, open your terminal application, navigate to the install folder my-grav-install/my-theme/ and you can simply type:

This command tells the SCSS compiler to watch the scss directory and compile any time there are updates saved into the css-compiled folder. Exactly what we want!

There is a file called scss/template/_custom.scss that is a great location for your custom SCSS code. There are several great benefits of putting your code in this file:

An example of this file would be:


The downside to this approach is that this file is overwritten during any theme upgrade , so you should ensure you create a backup of any custom work you do. This issue is resolved by using theme inheritance as described below.

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Health Benefits: Ingesting CBD vs. Inhaling

Health Benefits: Ingesting CBD vs. Inhaling

Cannabis, and especially high CBD strains, has become well-known for its health benefits, but its effect on the body varies depending on whether you’re ingesting CBD (oils and edibles) or inhaling (smoking and vaping). Smoking any substance creates oxidation in the body, which damages cells and DNA. This is because metabolizing oxygen creates free radicals, which steal electrons from other molecules and can lead to accelerated aging, inflammation of the joints, deterioration of eyesight, damage to nerve cells in the brain, increased risk of coronary heart disease, and increased risk of cancer. Antioxidants help combat free radicals, and according to a scientific study performed by the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Regulation, Leather Statement Clutch At the Waters Edge by VIDA VIDA xn9r8n
is one of the most powerful antioxidants around. In this study, cannabidiol was compared to two highly popular antioxidant compounds, α-tocopherol and ascorbate, and was found to be 30-50% more effective at protecting neuronal cultures from oxidant toxicity.

Ingesting CBD May Last 12-24 Hours

Ingesting CBD allows it to be metabolized by the liver before crossing the blood-brain barrier, whereas inhaling it sends it straight to the brain. This is why edibles have a slow onset and last longer, whereas smoking cannabis brings about an immediate but short-lived rush. This is also why ingesting cannabis offers more health benefits; the cannabinoids interact with the body on a more intimate level when they are allowed to follow the regular digestive process, and the nutrients remain intact rather than getting burnt to a crisp.

Inhaling Cannabis is Short Lived

Inhalation is by far the most common method of taking cannabis, but ingesting CBD offers a much more reliable way to get the most out of the plant’s healing potential. Oxidation aside, smoking cannabis has its own benefits — such as improved lung function, increased creativity, and relief from insomnia — but in order to unlock the disease-reversing potential and long-term physical benefits — such as protection from and reversal of cancers, epilepsy, anxiety, and other conditions — make sure to include CBD oils, tinctures, or edibles in your daily routine.

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